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Important news about Urgaming + Simply

Dear Holders, we would like to announce some good news. Due to the volatility of the market and the difficulty that crypto projects are experiencing, we would like to announce that we will Merge our tokens. What does this mean? It means that URG and URG-U will be merged with Simplytoken, in this way, the holders of both UrGaming coins will become part of the SimplyToken.

* What are the benefits?
Currently, Simply already has a platform with utility and we have begun the process of incubating external projects, which will give us consistent income for the coming months, in order to overcome the current Bear Market. Holders of URG and URG-U will receive Simply Token in exchange for their previous tokens, which will allow them to earn profits from the Simply project.

* What will happen to the Gaming University?
It will be carried out. At the moment, we have been making progress on the backend of the platform. It has taken more time than we would like, but it will be out in the second quarter of 2022. By doing this migration of URG and URG-U holders to Simply, the Gaming University project will go out through Simply, in this way, every UrGaming and Simply holder will be able to benefit from the earnings of the Simply platform, as well as from the project incubations that it carries out, as well as from the earnings that the Gaming University can give us. This merger presents a great benefit for all the holders of Simply, URG and URG-U, because by unifying our currencies, we will increase our liquidity and we will be able to better face the bear market that is upon us.

UrGaming-Simply Merge: Process and steps to follow.

We want to merge urg and urg-u with simply in the fairest way, for this we need to raise as many tokens as possible, sell them simultaneously and make a massive purchase on Simply, and then deliver Simply tokens to URG and URG-U holders.

As it is a process that will take some time (collecting the tokens for the exchange), we will give a term of 45 days for this, that is, on March 21 the conversion of tokens from URG and URG-U to Simply will take place, and for this, we must collect as many tokens as possible. These are the steps to follow:

1. Go to
2. Fill in the form data.
3. Select which token to send (URG or URG-U)
4. Send the tokens to the Dominion wallet: 0x3C74C5EDa2144cE279D3Adc45b00E9eE24dc43Fc
5. Put the transaction in the "transaction link" field of the form and press Register.

The tokens will be collected until March 20, then they will be sold on the 21th and on the same day we will start sending Simply to those who have sent their tokens.

If you have questions, remember that you can ask them in the telegram group.