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URG-U Presale. Big Opportunity

About our project and why invest in the URGU pre-sale:
Date: 2 October to 10 October 2021. Link:

The Gaming Univeristy will be a platform where the best video game players in the world will upload online courses for the gamer community.

The courses will allow those who want to improve their skills to do so. The coaches will be high-level Streamers and professional players and will benefit financially from the courses purchased by the community, in this way the same coaches will promote their courses in their stream sessions.

The earnings of the Gaming University will be reinvested in the URG-U token, which will allow its value to increase constantly. In addition, the marketing budget raised by the Dominion Wallet will allow this platform to be promoted globally on all social networks, including streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and even sponsor professional teams and championships in the most popular video games.

Investing in the pre-sale of a serious project, with a real business plan, Audited, with a doxxed team with KYC and commercial use in a market as powerful as the video game industry, will allow you to acquire the token at a unique and unrepeatable price and it will guarantee you a x1000 in 1 or 2 years due to its usability and expansion as a platform. URG-U is not just another token, it is the future of education in the competitive video game industry made by competitive gamers and entrepreneurs with real business experience.

To know how to buy in the presale, click here: