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URG University, the education platform for gamers.

Urgaming is the company that will develop various platforms and games in the future that will coexist within its ecosystem. The first project is the Gaming University or URG University. The objective of this platform is that the players of different competitive video games can buy courses to improve their skills, dictated by the best players from each of these games. This platform will allow the best players in the world to generate a passive income with each of the sales made on this platform, helping them to improve their income and financial stability, which in e-sports is something really difficult to achieve.

Nowadays, being able to live from video games at a competitive level is not an easy mission, since a player of the highest level cannot necessarily share their time with streaming consistently, as they train for a championship and prepare for the Competition doesn't always go hand in hand with streaming for tens or hundreds of hours weekly. This means that many high-level players have to abandon the most competitive level due to the lack of consistent income and the volatility of the sponsors.

URG University will solve this problem, supporting the highest level players as well as those streamers who also want to sell their courses through this platform in order to improve their income as well as the stability of their profession.

The platform's business model will allow the URG University's earnings to be reinvested in buying the same URG-U token, in this way, it will help to boost the price of the token and thus benefit all its holders. In addition, marketing once the platform is already online, will be massive, focusing mainly on the main function that is education within video games in order to attract those who want to improve their skills and results.

The URG-U token, which will be the financing base for this platform, begins its pre-sale on October 2, 2021. It is a real investment opportunity, with a team with KYC and an Audited and risk-free contract, all carried out with the seriousness and professionalism of the Solidproof company.

The pre-sale platform will be Unicrypt. If you want to participate, we invite you to our information page about the presale: