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UrGaming Arena – Starcraft 2

We are very excited to announce “UrGaming Arena” a Starcraft II Showmatch series starring some of the best professional players in the game, battling in a 4 player mini tournament organized and casted by non-other than WardiTV, one of the best professional casters in the game. This will be our entry into the professional Starcraft II community and, our starting point on the global esports scene as well.

As some of you may know by now, here at UrGaming we love Starcraft II. To give you some background, Starcraft is an RTS (real time strategy) franchise for PC. One way to describe Starcraft would be to think of it as a Chess, where both players are moving the pieces all the time and you don’t play with full vision of your opponent, in fact scouting the opposing player is key to both defend and plan ways of aggression in the game.

The game starts with both players having a Townhall structure and 6 workers and that is it, you are free to do as you please. You can scout the map, take more bases, make more workers, build an army, play hyper aggressive or ultra-defensive, the game is your canvas.

We love SC as much as we love UrGaming, and that is why we are organizing events alongside well stablished commentators and event organizers such as WardiTV, where we can have top professional players clashing against each other for honor, victory and of course a prize.

Our first event “UrGaming Arena #1“ will take place on August 29th 7pm cest on

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We are looking forward to continue supporting the Starcraft II community by sponsoring events and even players in the future.