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UrGaming Arena #2 - Starcraft 2

Our 2nd Event on StarCraft II is around the corner.

SC2 is a real time strategy game where you compete against a single opponent. Both players start with a main structure and 6 workers and battle it out for resources, positioning, and ultimately try to force the opposing player to surrender by engaging on epic fights over multiple locations on the map.

We will have four exceptional players battling each other for the chance to win on a 4 player mini tournament.

  • - Zest (Protoss)
  • - PartinG(Protoss)
  • - Dream (Terran)
  • - Solar (Zerg)

All of them top level Korean players who have won multiple championships across the globe for the last 11 years.

This event is sponsored by UrGaming and organized and run by WardiTV, one of the most respected and hardworking commentators out there.

Do not miss any minute of the action and make sure to tune in this Monday October 11th 1pm CEST on

Liquipedia event link: