URG-U Contract Address: 0x76ce4184c3e2411df998bdebe2daebefaab9934c

URG-U Project:
  • URG-U is part of the UrGaming Ecosystem.
  • URG-U Contract Address: 0x76ce4184c3e2411df998bdebe2daebefaab9934c.
  • This token is created to be the main token of our Project “Gaming University”. To have more information about this Project, read our Whitepaper, section “Utility: Gaming University”.
  • Team is KYC verified and the token URG-U is Audited by Solidproof.io
  • Please read our whitepaper to know more about our project.
  • Scroll down to know tokenomics, taxes and more information about URG-U Token




  • - Each cex listing requires the payment of listing fees. Every time we achieve the Mcap target for listing, we will sell some tokens to pay those listing fees. A medium-sized exchange costs around 20,000usdt to 30,000usdt in listing fees and a larger exchange like gate.io could be between 60,000usdt and 80,000usdt. The CEX listing we do, will be according to our market cap. The higher our market cap is, the bigger CEX listing we will negotiate.
  • - Every month we will release a video update about our project with full information about the progress on development and other big news.
  • - Our esports events will be held in 2-3 different competitive games and they will be broadcasted in different languages to brand ourselves as an esports sponsoring company.
  • - We will associate UrGaming with other gaming related tokens. Also, within our Gaming University, we will have a category where you will find courses about "play to earn" crypto games.
  • - Our Crypto ambassador program will be a group of KOLs that will help in branding us in the crypto community.
  • - Our Gaming ambassador program will be proffesional gamers or content creators that will help us with branding within the gaming community.


  • Symbol: URG-U
  • Contract: 0x76ce4184c3e2411df998bdebe2daebefaab9934c
  • Total Supply:
  • Burner Supply: 500.000.000
  • Presale: 300.000.000
  • Liquidity: 150.000.000
  • Project Wallet: 50.000.000
  • Each transaction pays a distributed tax
  • Rewards to Holders: 3%
  • Liquidity Pool: 3%
  • Dominion Wallet: 3%
  • Auto-Burn: 1%
  • Slippage: 10%