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What is Waxpeer?

Waxpeer is a well-regarded peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that facilitates effortless skin trading for CS:GO and Rust enthusiasts. It serves as a seamless bridge between buyers and sellers while bolstering security through an advanced browser extension designed to minimize the risk of accidental trade errors.

One notable advantage of P2P marketplaces like Waxpeer is their capacity to circumvent Steam’s stringent seven-day trading cooldown, allowing for swift exchanges of recently acquired items. Moreover, users can actively partake in CS:GO gameplay while simultaneously listing their skins for sale on Waxpeer, adding a layer of flexibility and convenience to the trading process.

Waxpeer sets itself apart as a potentially more profitable option for sellers, offering an exceptionally low selling fee of only 5.9%. This competitive fee structure makes Waxpeer an attractive choice for traders, distinguishing it from other marketplaces. In essence, the platform guarantees a trustworthy and advantageous trading experience for both buyers and sellers, establishing it as the preferred platform for CS:GO and Rust skin enthusiasts.

Is Waxpeer Legit?

Yes, we believe Waxpeer is legitimate. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Established in 2019, Waxpeer has successfully cultivated a positive reputation among its user community.
  • The platform consistently attracts an estimated 50,000 monthly visitors, as corroborated by SimilarWeb data, underscoring its popularity within the gaming community.
  • Waxpeer’s protective browser extension and application play a significant role in reducing the risk of users inadvertently accepting fraudulent trades, thereby enhancing security.
  • As a fully peer-to-peer marketplace for skins, Waxpeer provides a direct and secure trading environment that benefits both buyers and sellers.
  • The website ensures a secure and protected browsing experience with its SSL-encrypted connection, confirmed by the padlock icon on the left side of the address bar, assuring users of a secure connection.

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